Luceman & Logan’s Auto-Completeoke “The Bones”

What happens you take Maren Morris’s #1 Hit single and then Auto-Completeoke the lyrics?  “The Bones” becomes “The Bone flap”   Yes Auto-Completeoke where we take popular country songs and then rewrite the lyrics using google’s auto complete!  Check out this weeks segment below!

How it works is you take the actual lyrics from the song, as you start writing on Google search Google will try to predict what it thinks you’re looking for with it’s auto complete..  Below the original lyric is in regular font, the auto complete lyric is in Bold Font.

The Bones Auto Completeoke

We’re in the Money of the hardware componets

We took a Poloroid, but we’re not on my planet

Yeah, life on Mars try to put yourself in other’s shoes but

We built the cars, so nothing’s fair in fifth grade

When the camellia blooms, the rest is still unwritten

Yeah, the paint brush cover, the glass  castle movie

Let it go‘ cause i’m the queen of the castle

When does the walking dead rick grimes movie come out

I got your money werewolf baby

Will blow drying hair kill lice

The house  of representatives when the bone flap hits the floor

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