Civics Fundamentals with Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg of the U.S. Court of Appeals

The Luceman in the morning  welcomed The honorable Douglas H. Ginsburg a sitting member of the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington D.C. to the Kix 95.3 morning show.  Judge Ginsburg was once a nominee for the Supreme court as well as a professor of Law. He is also an expert on the U.S. Constitution.  The Judge is concerned with the average American’s knowledge of civics and his mission is to educate us on the importance of the fundamentals of civics as well as knowing your right’s under the constitution.  Check out the interview below as well has links to Judge Ginsburg’s video series on Civics.

To learn more about Civics check out Judge Ginsburg’s video series available by clicking here HERE!!  Teachers can sign up for free at

Here is an example of the video series


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