Weston job shadowed me today!

Had such a great time with Weston, a student at Montesano High School as he job shadowed me.  We talked about being on the radio, what it’s like and how it works now.  He asked a lot of questions about what I liked and didn’t like about my job and eventually I opened up the mic and let him talk with me on some fun topics.  Good luck to you Weston on your career path, I hope you do well in radio, you certainly have the personality and drive to be an awesome radio personality!



AOE SALUTE a Teacher, Nominate Here! Lisa Kless from the YMCA of Grays Harbor joins me today at 5 p.m. Happy New Year from all of us at KIX 95.3 Bill Brown was my guest, hear his interview here! A tribute to George HW Bush, 41st president of the United States Christmas Concert-Play to help the Friend’s of the Aberdeen Museum