The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has filed a proposed rule to create a program that permits qualified individuals to relocate beavers involved in human-wildlife conflict as an alternative to lethal removal. 

The public is invited to submit comments about the proposed rule through Aug. 9.

If adopted, the proposal would revise Washington Administrative Code (WAC) Chapter 220-450 to create a beaver relocation permit program that identifies which beavers could be relocated, specifies the requirements for permittees, release sites, and conditions during temporary beaver captivity during relocation; and identifies any conditions under which the permit may be revoked.

A copy of the rule making proposal is available on WDFW’s website

The public can submit comments via web form, by email, by phone (855-925-2801, project code 7085), or by mailing written comments to Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife ATTN: Wildlife Program, PO Box 43200, Olympia, WA 98504.

The rule is also undergoing a simultaneous State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) comment period; to view materials and submit comment for that process, visit WDFW’s SEPA webpage.

The Fish and Wildlife Commission will accept public comments on the proposed rule change at a public hearing scheduled during the August Commission meeting. A decision is tentatively scheduled for the September meeting.

Information on how to register to provide comments during the meeting will be made available on the Commission Meeting webpage