ABC/Image Group LA Even though Trisha Yearwood‘s been in the music business for nearly thirty years, her latest single, “Every Girl in This Town,” is the highest-debuting song of her career so far.

The two-time CMA Female Vocalist of the Year confesses it caught her a little off guard.

“I probably shouldn’t say this,” Trisha admits, “but I’m very surprised to be one of the women that is on the radio right now. I’m really excited about it.”

At a time when not many females are making their way onto country radio, you might assume Trisha picked the empowerment anthem to try to break down that barrier. But she says that wasn’t the case.

“Honestly, I didn’t set out to make a certain kind of record,” she explains. “I didn’t set out to do any kind of anything except find songs that I loved.  And when I started this project about a year ago, I had no expectation except that I wanted to enjoy myself in the studio.”

Trisha recalls she found “Every Girl in This Town” early in the process, and even at the end, it remained a favorite.

“It was one of the first songs I heard and I just loved it,” she remembers. “I didn’t have a plan. After the record was done, it sort of became the song that kind of rose to the surface. And I think it’s really just been in the last couple of days since the song has been out that I really am seeing that it’s striking the same nerve with other people that it struck with me.”

“Every Girl in This Town” is the lead single from Trisha’s first all-new studio album since 2007. It’s expected to be released in late summer or early fall.

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