The Olson Bros Called into The Kix Morning Show!

Luke and Isaac Olson of The Olson Bros Band called into the Kix 95.3 morning show to talk about how they unknowingly opened for Sacha Baron Cohen, Meeting Larry Gatlin, writing new music during the pandemic and sent in a couple of new Olson Bros band songs that don’t disappoint! Check out the interview below!

Part 1 Unknowingly opening up for Sacha Baron Cohen

Part 2 Debut new song “Everybody Wants Her Single”

part 3 Being on TV, The Band and Kaylee

Part 4 Writing During the Pandemic

Part 5 Writing a heavy song.  Don’t let the title fool you this song is full of emotion. The Debut of “Kill Your Mom”

Part 6 Upcoming live shows and wrap up.

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