Television Game Show Host Legend Bob Eubanks On The KIX Morning Show
On the 55th anniversary of the TV show that changed marriage forever, game show legend Bob Eubanks called in to The Kix 95.3 Morning show and talked with The Luceman in the morning about everything from hosting the Newlywed game for 5 decades to his beginnings as a radio dj and competing in rodeo’s.
An entertainment icon since the 1960s, Bob’s Emmy-winning career runs the gamut from game show host to concert promoter and rock & roll DJ to manager of top country singers.  Also, his book, It’s in the Book, Bob offers a humorous, behind-the-scenes look at The Newlywed Game and much more.
With a career spanning an amazing 7 decades, Bob has experienced almost everything including most recently, balance issues, which nearly put a stop to his active life until he discovered 60uP – a break-thru balance board system that helps those 60 and older which we also talked about Check out the interview below!
Bob Eubanks on Kix 95.3 with The Luceman in the morning!

Check out the 60uP Balance Board in action below! If you’re interested in finding out more about the 60uP Balance Board or would like one simply click HERE!



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