More Miss Grays Harbor / Outstanding Teen Hopefuls Stop by the Kix Studio This Morning

Miss Grays Harbor/Miss Grays Harbor Outstanding Teen Pageant is happening this Saturday night Feb. 4th 2023 at Hoquiam’s Historic 7th Street Theatre! The show begins at 7pm! You can purchase tickets buy clicking HERE!!

Earlier today on the Kix 95.3 Morning show The Luceman talked with a few more hopefuls looking to claim the crown in Lauren Fagerstedt running for Miss Grays Harbor and Alexandria Matthews, Sayler Heikkila, & Maci Winkelman running for Miss Grays Harbor Outstanding Teen!   Check out the interviews below.

Alexandria Matthews:

Sayler Heikkila

Maci Winkelman

Lauren Fagerstedt

For More on the Miss Grays Harbor Program celebrating it’s 75th Year Just Click HERE!!

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