Luceman & Logan’s Auto-Competeoke Kinfolks

Sam Hunt has a big hit on his hands with “Kinfolks”  but The Luceman and Logan are about to Auto-Completeoke the lyrics!   “Kinfolks” becomes “Cowboy to my Man quotes” ??   Yes Auto-Completeoke where we take popular country songs and then rewrite the lyrics using google’s auto complete!  I know the words don’t make any sense! Check out this weeks segment below!

How it works is you take the actual lyrics from the song, as you start writing on Google search.  Google will try to predict what it thinks you’re looking for with it’s auto complete..  Below the original lyric is in regular font, the auto complete lyric is in Bold Font.

Kinfolks Auto-Competeoke

I saw you In the water, I had to Kick a Door
I don’t like Mondays, but girl, Scout cookies in bulk
What is Poutine?

How come I Never get sick? Tell me
Now you know and knowing is half the battle, having a toxic child

But I am a cheerleader, and you’re the man now dog
You’re having a giraffe(damn)
And I am Iron Man, but

I wanna be a cowboy, to my man quotes to catch a predator
To the house of the Lord where the crawdads sing
Take you to the candy shop, where I come from
Not Where I thought I’d be in life and I knew you in the womb
Gave up the ghost, but honey did you die, you got my money gif

And I’m Kanye West that I wanna introduce you to my Little friend…

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