It’s Luceman & Logan’s “Auto-Completeoke!”

What happens when you use google auto complete to change the lyrics to popular country songs? Luke Comb’s  “Beer Never Broke My Heart” becomes “Long neck Dinosaurs Never Broke my Heart in Spanish”   Check it out from the Kix 95.3 Morning show with The Luceman & Logan!

How it works is you take the actual lyrics from the song, as you start writing on Google search Google will try to predict what it thinks you’re looking for with it’s auto complete..  Below the original lyric is in regular font, the auto complete lyric is in Bold Font.

Auto-Completeoke,Luke Combs Beer Never Broke My Heart 

I’ve had a cold for a month, prolonged cold

A couple of forevers tell me about yourself

Trucks breaking through ice, dogs love trucks

Politicians in my eyes , been fired from tmz


It takes one to tango to count in Spanish conjugation

No, ain’t no rest for the wicked, that ain’t no damn puppy

Long-neck dinosours never broke my heart in spanish

Like diamonds in the rough and football teams in the playoff’s 2020


Like neon green football cleats, that bars are open near me!

Long-neck dinosours never broke my heart in spanish


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