It’s Election Day! So VOTE!

Election Day badge

Kix 95.3 encourages you to make your voice heard! So get out and vote!

If you haven’t mailed in your ballot yet, then here is a list of locations where you can drop yours off!  Just remember to drop off your ballot no later then 8pm!

Ballot Drop-Off Locations

• If there is an election in the area, ballots may be dropped off at any of the locations
listed below from 7 a.m. through 8 p.m. – on Election Day only.

• Locations only accept voted ballots then transport them to the Auditor’s office.

• Sites do not offer replacement ballots, voting assistance, or other services.

Aberdeen, Hoquiam, Cosmopolis
2500 Simpson Ave
Hoquiam WA  

Ocean Shores
Convention Center
120 W. Chance Ala Mer Ave
Ocean Shores WA

158 Summit Rd.
McCleary, WA

Methodist Church
204 E. Harris
Oakville WA

506 N. Montesano St.
Westport WA


Elma City Hall

Auditors Office
100 W. Broadway, Suite 2
Montesano, WA 



Pacific County

Pacific County Courthouse,

300 Memorial Ave,


South Bend

Long Beach County Annex,

7013 Sandridge Rd,


Long Beach

WSP Parking Lot,

797 State Route 4,



Dept. of Public Works,

211 Commercial St,



Bay Center County Park,

2nd and Park St,


Bay Center

Chinook County Park,

11 Park Rd,






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