Garth Brooks’s “Dive Bar” Gets Auto-Completeoke’d!

Luceman and Logan give Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton’s Dive Bar the Auto-Completeoke treatment!  Dive Bar becomes “Tall Grass of a Spotless Mind”  Yes Auto-Completeoke where we take popular country songs and then rewrite the lyrics using google’s auto complete!  I know the words don’t make any sense! Check out this weeks segment below!

How it works is you take the actual lyrics from the song, as you start writing on Google search.  Google will try to predict what it thinks you’re looking for with it’s auto complete..  Below the original lyric is in regular font, the auto complete lyric is in Bold Font.

Auto-Completeoke: Dive Bar

Well, turn this cornfield into a party

Crank That Moonman, up and down the River

Bartender Jobs near me


Here’s to our first Christmas together

Situation definition

Oh brother where art thou

So fill your lungs inhale the future

Jump in the line Beetlejuice


And Float Drywall this is a nice Cornfield

We’re gonna need a bigger boat

In the Tall grass of a Spotless mind…


Cause of spit up in the Babies,

Loved and Cherished Caskets One

Who’s ever heard of a Snozberry

thinkin’ things toony the loon’s lagoon

It’s the safest time to not get pregnant

That a broken ankle can you move your toes


So here’s a giant enemy crab

With a big Iron on his hip

To wish in german on them a light has dawned


We’re gonna need a bigger boat

In the Tall grass of a Spotless mind…

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