Facebook Showdown!

If you like Facebook showdown every Friday at 6:40 and 7:40 on the Kix 95.3 morning show, here are the last few starting with the newest ones!  Listen, laugh, and share with friends!  And if you come across people fighting over dumb stuff or just dump conversations on Social media! Take Screen shots or copy and paste it to an email, make sure to get all the comments and email them to [email protected] make sure to put “Facebook Showdown” in the subject line!  And remember even though the fights are all real, we change the names to protect the innocent!…and the stupid!  ENJOY!

“Hashtag Google”

“My Gift To You”

“Entrepreunurial Spirit”

“Just Spittin Facts”

“Disney Jugs”

“Devil Child”

“It’s a Whiney Day In The Neighborhood”

“Back To School”

“Cockroach In The Box”

“Conspiracy Much”

“How Dare You Insult My Fur Babies”

“Trouble in Paradise”

“Stabbed In The Back”

“Scream Machine”

“Who Ate My Chocolate Cake”

“From Ellen, Yeah RIGHT!”

“The Grammar Police”

“Not Exactly The American Medical Association”

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