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The KIX 95.3 Cash Code Spring KA-Ching!

Put some KA-CHING! In your Spring! You could win ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS in  the Kix 95.3 Cash Code: Spring KA-CHING!! We’re giving you 18 chances to enter every weekday between 6 am and 11:15 Pm!   It’s easy too!  Just listen for the KIX 95.3 words that win at the top of the hour between 6 am and 6 pm,  and between 7:15 and 11:15 pm weeknights!  when you hear it, enter it here at for your chance at $1000.00!   Every time you enter is another chance to WIN!  Official Rules available at the bottom of this page!!   The Kix 95.3 Cash Code: Spring KA-CHING!! Know the code, Win The Cash!