Comedian Jen Kirkman Has a New Podcast called: Anxiety Bites

Kix 95.3’s The Luceman in the morning recently talked with Writer / Stand up Comedian Jen Kirkman about her new Podcast called Anxiety Bites! Check out the interview below!

For more on Jen Kirkman keep reading below, and to check out her podcast or books just visit here official website by clicking HERE!!

Comedian Jen Kirkman who has had life-long Panic and Generalized Anxiety Disorder brings her life-lessons, humor, and hope to a show that’s about normalizing having anxiety so that we go from whispering dramatically, “I have anxiety” to saying out loud with a shrug, “Yeah, I have anxiety.” Jen will interview experts with anxiety be they PhD’s, creatives, or spiritual gurus for advice on how to self-diagnose, begin to treat, and how to live easily with everyday anxiety and panic – and at the very least – giving an interesting, relatable, calming listen.

Jen Kirkman is an internationally touring comedian known for her Netflix specials “I’m Gonna Die Alone (and I Feel Fine)” and “Just Keep Livin.” She’s also a New York Times Bestselling author. Her two books are ,” I Can Barely Take Care of Myself…” and “I Know What I’m Doing & Other Lies I Tell Myself.” She’s a television writer as well as podcaster.

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