The City of Hoquiam announced that, thanks to donations, the City will launch a residential lock box program.

City Administrator Brian Shay tells KXRO that these lock boxes are beneficial to those living alone, seniors or individuals with disabilities who might not be able to open the door after calling 911. 

With a lock box installed on a home, emergency responders will have access to a key that will allow entry during and after an emergency response.

Mayor Ben Winkelman stated, “I personally want to thank Paul MacLeod for his generosity and Home Depot who have allowed the City of Hoquiam to offer this new program which is free to our residents at no direct expense to our taxpayers.”

The lock boxes will be installed by Crime Watch Volunteers or city personnel. 

Hoquiam residents who are interested in receiving a lock box can fill out an application form available on the city’s website, at the City Hall Utilities Office, Fire Department or Police Department.

For more information about this program, contact Fire Chief Matt Miller at 360-538-3960 or [email protected].