Check Out Some Recent Episodes of Facebook Showdown!

Facebook Showdown! Where The drama is Real! Real stupid! Every Friday at 6:40 and 7:40 the Luceman in the morning and friends take real arguments and dumb drama from facebook and then re-enact it like a bad soap opera! Check out some of the recent episodes from the Kix 95.3 Morning Show!  We will update this post with new episodes so check back periodically for the latest installments!

Rick Moyer and Logan return for this weeks showdown!

Shut Up And Take My Bloodpressure

Got Ants

The Problem With Kids These Days

Pot Meet Kettle

Brotherly Love

Stay Away From My Man Tramp

Rick Moyer and Logan return for this weeks showdown!

Slappin Da’ Rock

Babies Can’t Fly

There’s A Bat in My Belfry

Take Some Pride In Your Yard

Don’t Exploit Kids!

Weed & Guns

Rick Moyer and former kix 95.3 morning show co-host, Logan are back this week for the showdown!

Wind Chimes, Loud Music, & Screaming Kids, Oh My!

Who Wants to Buy My Memories

Let Kids Be Kids

They’re Not Drugs, They’re Meds

Give A Poet A Chance

Lets Go Brandon


This Isn’t CSI

The Breakup

Community Standards

“Shouldn’t You Be Buying Real Food”

“They’ll Never Find Your Body In The Swamp”

“The Water Police”

“Howdy Comrade”

“Dangerous Squirrels”

“They’re Not Toys They’re Replicas”

“Ugly Christmas Sweater”

“Bah Humbug”

“Get Off The Machine Fatty”

“Facebook Hater”

“Who’s Thanksgiving is Worse”

“Maybe Murder”

“Shopping Carts”

“Ford VS Chevy”

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