A Play on Words- National Scrabble Day!

Fun on the KIX Afternoon show….Today is National Scrabble day!  It wasn’t always names Scrabble though, and most of the game companies refused to produce it. In 1933, New York City architect Alfred Mosher Butts created an early version of the game we know as Scrabble. Guess what it’s original name was?



Originally he named it LEXICO, then to Criss Cross Words….later in 1930 his business partner name it Scrabble and that stuck.


Fourteen cool facts about Scrabble— check out the article HERE


Relationship, Communication Help Today’s Afternoon show stinks!– of Garlic! A “Nerd” joins me on The KIX Afternoon show today! TAX DAY is tomorrow! Do you owe? Don’t panic, come hear tips… KIX in the Community- Fostering Together Tonya from Swanson’s makes grilled cheese for us